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Realm Hunter: Pursuit of the Silver Dirk

Realm Hunter: Pursuit of the Silver DirkRealm Hunter: Pursuit of the Silver Dirk by Bob Greenwade
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Realm Hunter: Pursuit of the Silver Dirk is one of the most interesting books I’ve read in awhile. It is a blend of science fiction and fantasy, with even a little mysterious twist. The book is told from the perspective of Bear Waters, a bounty hunter in a world where Ghoul’s Room and lycanthrope’s are vulnerable to silver. Before long, we come to realize that Bear’s world isn’t the only world out there. There are others, one of them being our own, and they are all similar in different ways. The Silver Dirk is a man that is believed to come from “our” world, World One, a doctor named Eric Bennadict. He is committing various crimes on World Two, which lead Bear to finding out about the different realms that exist.

We follow Bear on his pursuit of the Silver Dirk, which takes him to various worlds and to encounters of dinosaurs and different people. All the while, he and his friends are trying to figure out just what the Silver Dirk’s motives are.

I really enjoyed Bear as a character, and despite the fact that he said he often rambled in retellings, the ramblings were a bit much at the beginning. This made the book hard to get through no matter how interested I was in the story. It took me a little longer to read than I would have liked, but it was definitely worth finishing. The story really picked up at the end for me and I really can’t wait to read the second one and find out what happens next!

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Paradox – The Angels Are Here

Patti Roberts

I was able to snag a copy of Paradox from Smashwords. I was kinda interested, because I had never really read any Angel type fiction before. The book started out really nicely, with some interesting background about the Angels and their different houses. I was definitely pulled in by these characters, they seemed to have depth and the civil war that seemed to be going on between them definitely excited me to find out more.

Where I lost interest was in the switch from the Angels and their possibly evil natures up above to the people down on earth. I know that the author was attempting to set a background of the human characters and how Angels interact with the humans below, but I felt disconnected from them. I think that I would have liked to see more of the Angels we had started out with interspersed with the humans (I haven’t finished, so I’m not sure if this actually happens, or if the Angels that are interacting with the humans are from the opposing house). What made it harder to get through were some of the word choices used that were a bit confusing for me to understand.

I definitely really liked how the story started out and that part of the story still interests me, however, the bit of human background has sort of burnt me out at the moment and I’m not quite sure yet how much they fit into the story.


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