My name is Alexis Leno. I am 23 years old and currently living in Philadelphia PA. I graduated in May 2009 from Arcadia University with a BS in Computer Science. Right now I am pursuing my Master’s Degree in Software Engineering at Drexel University. I also enjoy reading and writing.

I’m always busy writing short stories, but I haven’t posted many of them here. Here’s a list of what I’m working on, titles and some description. If you do, by chance, want to read, shoot me an email at alexis DOT leno AT gmail DOT com.

Short Stories

  • “Red Sand” – A thriller surrounding an up and coming base on the planet Mars. When a science team goes missing, military man Alexander Castillo is sent to investigate. What he brings back with him changes the lives of everyone on the base, forever. (Finished)
  • “Trial and Error” – When Doctor George Peters gets the funding pulled on a project he has put his blood, sweat, and tears into, he’ll do anything to get it back. (Finished)
  • “Specimen E3101” – In a world where babies are few and far between, Elizabeth learns what she was made for. And in the process, she finds something else she hadn’t been looking for along the way. (Finished)
  • “In Space” – In space, everything is quiet. There is nowhere to run. (Finished)
  • Title Unknown” – Magic was always a myth, until it came out of the shadows and showed the world how powerful it had become. Magic was more powerful than any mortal being and after hiding since the dawn of time, those that can use it have come into the light, taking over. They’re angry at the humans that made them hide and are hell bent on revenge. (In Production)
  • “The Old Lucky Road” – Things go terribly wrong for a man when his wife gets him a new GPS system. Instead of leading him to the right place, it leads him somewhere that changes his life forever. (In Production)


  • Shifting Fate”  – Times in the mystical world of Lizon are changing. The Great War remains a distant memory for many, but for others, the bleak past is all too clear. Some still thirst for revenge and power. When the royal family of Alii is targeted, the kingdom’s only Princess starts on a quest to set things right. In a world completely controlled by fate, Brynn must fight against the Shifters, bent on altering the predestined future, to save the world she knows and secure destiny. This is the first novel in the Chronicles of Fate Trilogy. (Self-Published)
  • “Fate’s Demise” (Title WIP!) – When someone starts killing all of the people left in Lizon with magic, Brynn is determined to find out who the culprit is, even if it puts her own life at risk. This is the second novel in the Chronicles of Fate Trilogy. (In Production)

5 responses to “About

  • umeshikad

    I followed your comment on my blog and peeped in to check out what’s in… Shifting fate sounds pretty pretty interesting to me… I love Royals and magic and that’s one of my favourite combinations… Im pretty sure I heard some Chinese bells in the background when I was reading the intro above. (My imaginations  gone crazy…. !!) anyways I’m looking forward to read yours soon.

  • koshermuffin

    Thanks for checking out my blog and for your interest in the book. It’s only available on Amazon.com right now and I am in the middle of reducing the price to 99 cents. Haha, seems like it might reach more people that way and I would love some feedback as I work on the second 😀

  • Nar-Nar

    Your stories sound great! I think I’m going to start with Red Sand. Thanks again for visiting my blog!

  • koshermuffin

    No problem! Thanks for your interest! 🙂

  • Jan

    I am truly glad to read this website posts which includes lots of helpful data, thanks for providing these kinds of

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