A Modern Witch

A Modern Witch – 5/5 Stars

Debora Greary

I have to say, I really enjoyed this novel! I was lucky enough to win this through a LibraryThing giveaway! A Modern Witch is set in modern day, following a group of witches who find a new friend and family member in a woman who never knew she was a witch! Lauren is a real estate agent in Chicago and she inadvertently gets pulled into a Witches Chat while she is grocery shopping online. The women there are all witches and as they try to convince her that she just might be one, she gives them quite a hard time!

Lauren is slow to believe that she could possibly be a witch. The group sends her, Jamie, a trainer to scan her for any magical powers. It turns out that Lauren really has some magical mojo!

Following Lauren on her journey into this world was a great way to explain all of the lore and information surrounding the magic of this place. The magical ideas and information was very fleshed out and felt very concrete, almost as if the author laid everything out beforehand (which is very good!)

My favorite character was Aevryn, a young witchling with great power. He and Lauren bond, and their bond is cute and funny at the same time. They are really quite a pair. They love to play practical jokes and though Aevryn is young, I feel that he is going to grow into a very great witch.

I thought the storyline with Jamie, the trainer witch, and Lauren’s best friend Nat was very cute. They make a great couple and I can’t wait to see how their little witchling turns out!

I really enjoyed the novel and I can’t wait until the next installment! If you want to read something light-hearted and magical, this is the novel for you!


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