The Hambledown Dream

The Hambledown Dream – 4/5 Stars

Dean Mayes

The Hambledown Dream is a contemporary fiction novel with a supernatural twist. The novel centers around drug addict and mule, Andrew DeVries. At the start of the novel, his life is a complete mess. He overdoses and dies on the table, only to be brought back to his drug addled life. When he is brought back, something happens to him that changes his life for the better.

The novel starts out with a character other than Andy. We see the death of a man we do not know. At first, I wasn’t sure why we were seeing Denny’s death at the very beginning, but the pieces come together later as Andy starts to find himself “transforming” into a mix of Andy/Denny. Not only does he remember Denny’s memories, but he feels his emotions, and is taking on his physical traits as well.

I have to say that I enjoyed this transformation immensely. I think it was done in a neat way, though the physical transformation seemed much more gradual than the emotional transformation. I felt bad for Andy that he needed another person’s soul inside him to force him out of his bad habits. I really wished that Andy could have managed to survive the drugs on his own, rather than with Denny’s help. I think it would have showed that Andy had a certain strength that was admirable.

Andy is a virtuoso at the guitar, which I thought was very interesting. I haven’t seen much on classical guitar in the past and I think this book shed an cool, new light on this type of classical music. From the start, this is something that both Andy and Denny have in common; it is a common thread that could have pulled their two souls together when they died.

The supernaturalness of the novel was light and I loved that. This is very much a love story, of two people finding each other again and anew. In taking in Denny, Andy starts to see his love, Sonya. She is very much alive in the town of Hambledown, saddened by Denny’s death. The two – Andy and Sonya – see “dreams” of each other in a way that comes to connect them, later when they meet in Australia.

I also have to add that I really love the cover. It brings out the essence of the book in a way that is very appealing. It is a crisp cover that definitely draws the eye.

Lastly, the book was very well written. I enjoyed seeing the love story develop from afar and then again together. It was nice to see Denny reunited with Sonya, even if it was in someone else’s body, and a new love start to blossom.


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