The Crystal and the Child

I’ve been reading Indie books lately as I am trying to get into the Indie scene. I joined a book club on’s fantasy forum and this was the first book we were slated to read. I wrote a review on Amazon and figured I would post it here, to help the Indie author’s gain more exposure.

The Crystal and the Child – 4/5 Stars

Valerie Froelich

The Crystal and the Child centers around Matt, a young boy who finds out he has much more to offer. He and his sister are met by a wizard, Gandor, who takes them on the adventure of their lives in an effort to see Matt grow into his true potential.

This book was a nice read and had a neat take on a what some might call a general type of fantasy. I agree with other reviewers in that the book reads nicely for those in their teens. It is an epic tale that combine elves, wizards, and Gods with the love of family and the growing of a young boy into his own.

I really liked the story and thought it was a good start into fantasy for young readers. It has the love of family and a boy being special and kind of growing into his own. I did notice other familiar names that I mentioned before in the thread from the Sci-Fi show Stargate šŸ˜› However, I don’t think this is a problem, especially for the intended audience. I enjoyed it and finished it rather quickly.


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