Mighty Hammer Down


Mighty Hammer Down – 5/5 Stars

David J. Guyton

I came across Mighty Hammer Down on the Amazon message boards.

Mighty Hammer Down is the story of a world in which Gods are revered, but not seen, and an empire that stands at an odd peace with its neighbors. The story centers on a man named Rommus, who went from being a well-known and respected member of the army to an ignored smith of weapons. For a reason unknown to Rommus, there are forces out in his world that wish his family bloodline eliminated.

Throughout the story, we meet differing cultures and explore all of the characters viewpoints on science, politics, and faith. The story resonates with many of the things that are going on in our world today. On top of these messages, there is an interesting meeting of different cultures along Rommus’ journey.

Personally, I found the novel exciting and simply couldn’t stop reading. There were times when Rommus seemed too moody about the fact that no one seemed to acknowledge him anymore in his hometown, Brinn. Many of the different characters were explored, from the Emperor to Rommus’ father and I enjoyed learning about each of them. The end left me hanging in a way eager for me to read the sequel. If you enjoy an epic fantasy or Terry Goodkind novels, then this book is for you!


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