Finished Editing – Round One

Well, I did post a bit ago that I wanted to make use of CreateSpace’s yearly prize for those that finish National Novel Writing Month. I do have until July 1st, but it wasn’t something that I wanted to put off. I wanted to work on the novel and actually have a book form copy of my own. Just to have it, whether or not there were ever more copies made in the future, would be something magical to me.

So, I went about editing my book. I finished the first round, going through the entire 90,000+ word saga. I tried to do at least a chapter each time I sat down with it, usually late at night, and I was able to get through all 13 chapters plus prologue and epilogue.

Though, now I want to reread it again, to make sure that these edits sound alright in the overall scheme.

Is a writer ever satisfied? Do we ever have a finished piece that we can breathe a sigh of relief about? I think these pieces of writing are very rare…

So, round one is over. I have another month to take advantage of the offer and I plan on using it, for at least round 2. I still have classes for two more weeks, so it is something I am doing in my *spare* time. As I was reading back though, I found myself, at times, proud of what I had accomplished.


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