Lost and Found

I really haven’t updated in a long time. I know people say that they haven’t updated and whatnot and talk about how busy they’ve been and they really don’t have anything to say upon updating. I make no claim to being any different.

My first year of grad school is almost finished. I’m taking this really cool game design class that I am reallly liking. My friend Dan and I are working on an education game that features arithmetic. We’re using this really cool GUI designer called Construct. It’s open-source and free, so if you are interested in making games, it’s definitely worth the try. There’s really no knowledge needed when it comes to programming, everything is very easy and smooth to use when it comes to picking out what events you want to happen. Also, if you are awesome at graphics, it’s probably really cool to make a game on there. Plus, if you do have some programming knowledge, you can use a Python extension to add in things that you might not be able to do with Construct.

Anyway, we’re doing a game called Gold Star Quest. It’s supposed to be targeted towards elementary school kids and who doesn’t love earning a gold star at that age? We came up with a neat game where you are at the beach and you have to go find these quest guys and complete mini-games for them to be given a gold star. Once you earn enough gold stars, you’re able to go to the next world (the boardwalk! ;) ) and you sort of do the same thing over again, but the mini-games get harder (arithmetically) and you have to collect more gold stars as you go.

It’s been fun to work on, I really am enjoying it. I like making games, whether they’re these quick games or what. For our first assignment, we had to make a spin off of a classic arcade game. I chose Tapper, which was actually a beer arcade game, but I made it using other drinks (like fruit punch and lemonade! haha). It was fun to do regardless.

Anyway, besides that my other classes are interesting, but nowhere near as fun. What could be as fun as playing games in class?

Other than that, I haven’t been getting much writing done, though I have been reading a lot. I’d like to do more book reviews on here as well as snippets of things I’ve written or are writing and full short stories and whatnot. I guess I’m just afraid to get things out there. Though, I would like to finish editing my book so that I can take advantage of the Nanowrimo CreateSpace incentive for finishing. I have until June, I believe, but I should definitely double check that. I have until July 1st, yayz!


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