I haven’t updated this in forever and it makes me sad. I wanted to keep updating this blog regardless of Nano, even if I created it a year ago solely to document my progress into the world of novel writing. I wanted to try to enter that Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest, but I just didn’t have the time to edit my book that I would have liked in time for the deadline. I haven’t touched the thing in months, nor written anything else in that time either. I feel disconnected, but I want to get back to it. It’s a lifeline for me and I felt probably the most…alive…writing it. Nano was an exhilirating experience.

In my spare time, I’ve been reading a lot and playing videogames. I admit, I bought an xbox and have become obsessed in my free time. School is also a big drag on my time. Last semester of college and all. I still want to do the offer from Create Space, so I should definitely get on editing my book at least before I do that. I think I have until June 😉

I hope everyone has been having a great new year, though I doubt there’s been much traffic on here since I went AWOL.


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One response to “Updates

  • virtual hippe

    thanks for this post. i haven’t touched my blog either in a very long time – post nano blues and what not. i think it is ok to sometimes not to be in any particular space – it does create options that we may have not otherwise considered if we didn’t have that sense of being disconnected. hope you find what will take you there.

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