Things Are Better

Things are better writing-wise. I have been writing pretty steadily, though I do seem to take a couple of days off here and there. I am taking the GRE on Friday, so I have been trying to focus on that as well as a lot of other school work at the moment. I like to write on the weekends, though. It’s soothing.

Anyway, I have passed the point that I stopped at last year. I’m proud of myself. I’m at 37,288 right now, and 76,288 total. I can’t believe I’m almost done, I guess you could say. Even though the climax of the story has yet to come, I feel it is, and I think it’s definitely coming soon.

But, alas, I’m cold and very tired. Just wanted to give an update!


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One response to “Things Are Better

  • thejinx

    Congratulations on the word count! Admirable tally so far, especially for taking a few days off and allowing focus to slip here and there. Are you continuing the novel you wrote for last NaNoWriMo, then? Good luck writing.

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