Chapters Six and Seven

…are done. Well, they have been done for a couple of days, I just haven’t had the time to update yet. I’m at a little lull in writing, mostly because of all the work I have to do for school. Not fun. Anyway, I think the story is coming along pretty well. We’ll see what happens. I’m hoping I can finish it this month…

My little picture seemed to have disappeared below, I’ll have to find a new one =\

Oh, and congrats to Barack Obama for completely blowing John McCain out of the water. Nice. It was also nice to see all those people on facebook voting. I’m glad that this election seemed to get people out there to do it; there’s nothing wrong with exercising a right you have if you want to see change happen. That’s all I have to say about the election and politics for a really lonnng time.

I’ve also been looking into book publishing and it is definitely complicated. You can self-publish or try to publish with a publishing house. Usually, big publishers won’t read things not submitted by an agent. Yet, the small ones will, but you have to figure out which ones aren’t going to screw you. Yeah. I’m confused. Definitely.


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