Prologue Clip

I’m kind of excited, because I’ve gotten back into writing again. And well, in high school I wrote this book, at the time dubbed Bracelet of Fate, but in no way was that title final. Anyway, I did indeed finish this book, though you could call it more of a novella. It wasn’t that long and it served as a pretty neat prequel for the second book I started writing that was set in the same world.

The problem was, I stopped writing it. It’s been too long and it’s really hard to get back into. Plus, the writing in both is not the best. I thought about editing it, but gave up. It’s really hard to let 70,000+ words go to waste.

So, I’m rewriting. I’m thinking about posting clips of writing I like from each chapter. I really like the prologue, I always have, but my redesigned version is so much better. I wrote a lot today, about 10,000 words (nearly 20 pages).

So, read if you wish. And I hope you enjoy. 😉

Igga had no weapon concealed or in his hands. He simply stood there, waiting for Elin to approach. The man took a few careful steps forward, unaware of the blood spilling at each of his sides. His eyes burned fire red in the anticipation of death at his hands. It was like a hunger he could not satiate. He wanted to watch this man fall to his knees in his own pool of blood.

Elin’s eyes were so focused on the ground, that he did not see Igga pull his hands from behind and raise them high in the air. He did not notice the club bearing down on him until it was nearly too late. He swung his sword upward, both of his hands holding the hilt. Igga was old, but still strong. He pressed down on the club, trying to drive Elin down on his back. Elin gritted his teeth and made a split second decision that could have ended in his failure.

He reached down to his boot and extracted a knife with a long blade. He used all of the strength he had to shove the knife upward and push it through the tough Underling skin, directly into Igga’s heart. He felt the blood seep over his fingers as he twisted the blade and watched the life dim in Igga’s eyes. He fell to his knees, just as Elin had imagined. Elin straightened and leaned forward, pulling the knife from the Underling’s chest. The brown blood flowed more freely then. The battle behind him lay forgotten.

“The mere fact that you have died means that fate agrees with me.” Elin whispered against the old man’s ear. “Go with the Gods, without peace for what you have done here.”

Igga grunted as he collapsed, face first, on the floor. Elin turned, a huge smile on his face and a glint in his dark eyes. He dropped both his sword and his knife, letting them cling on the ground as the last breath of the Underling king died out behind him.

His men had been watching; their defeat of the guards had been swift and thorough. Bodies filled the atrium and a quick count told Elin that his men were still intact. He folded his arms across his chest, his eyes flickering in the faint glowing light. He debated ordering a search of the palace for the rest of the royal family, but decided against it. If Igga had known that Elin was coming, he would have hidden his family secretly. Eventually, Elin would find them, and he wouldn’t leave any alive to come back and do the same thing he had done that night. Now that he had the power, he could take his time inflicting misery upon those that had been loyal to the dead king. He stared at his men, giving his first order as the new leader of Len.

“Burn them. Burn them all.”

© Alexis Leno 2008


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