October 3rd

I keep a journal by my bed these days, because I’ve been getting a lot of great ideas while I sleep. I really like this one, though I am trying to figure out just where I might be able to sneak it in a story. I have an idea, but, I felt like putting it somewhere, just in case it goes to waste.

The bright light exploded in her eyes, causing the release of an agonizing scream. She could feel the light burning her retinas, like the intensity of a thousand suns. She tried to close her eyes and escape the pain, but there was no relief from the scorching orb hanging right in front of her. She gritted her teeth as the slow seconds ticked on, her only thought of darkness. She wanted to be void of everything: the loss of hope, the longing for liberation, and the uncontrollable urge to give in.

She knew that she couldn’t give in. If anything, death would be a better alternative. Her hope lay in rescue; a foolish attempt by anyone.

The light snapped off abruptly, cutting off her depressing thoughts. It left her blinded, something her captors hoped would distract her mind. They were vigilant in their quest for answers.

“Ariana, what is the passcode?” A deep, low voice asked. Ariana could tell that it was male, but there was something monotonous in its resonance. Her small ears didn’t pick up on any inflections or nuances, everything always sounded the same with the Dark Man.

“You think that little trick changed anything?” She spat, her eyes squinting in the cool cell. “I invented that trick.” Ariana, fatigued and hopless, laughed at her own proclamation. “You’ll never get anything out of me, boys. I’m as locked tight as it gets.”

She was taunting them and she knew there would be consequences later for her actions, but she didn’t care. Ariana was prepared for death.

“Very well.” The man replied, as cold as ever. Nothing Ariana said ever changed his behavior. There were no outbursts of anger, nor sighs of contempt. To her, he was a man with no soul. “I had hoped, as we all, that you would have been quite cooperative. But, seeing that you prefer death above betrayal…”

Ariana had never voiced her opinions on death aloud. She had never once uttered the word on her dry tongue. She swallowed hard, her throat parched. She couldn’t remember the last time she had had anything to drink, or eat for that matter.

“Anything is better than here. Even death.”

“I see.” He replied evenly. Ariana swallowed again, her ragged and bruised skin beginning to perspire, despite the cool air surrounding her. She didn’t bother to wipe away the small trickle on her gashed forehead. “Release the toxin.”

In the complete darkness, Ariana heard a faint hiss in the distance. A cool breeze passed her fair skin, making her shiver. Her heart began to race, beating and thumping against her chest. She began to breathe heavily, and with each breath she realized the next one was increasingly more difficult. She began to gasp, her mouth wide and heaving in as much air as she could muster. Before her brain could truly put together what was happening, she was hunched over with her sharp blue eyes bulging, the oxygen slowly evaporating from around her. Her lungs constricted as she struggled to find more air through the toxin that had been released.

She fell over on her side, her hands wrapped around her neck. A tear trickled from her eye, slowly rolling down her face and drying up on her cheek. Her vision spun, even in the dark, and blurred until it moved no more.

© Alexis Leno 2008

I also updated the About Me section to include the stories I’ve finished and am working on and little snippets about them!


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