July 4th Progress

Well, I seemed to have great progress over the holiday. I edited my other story, which I have temporarily dubbed Specimen E3101. It’s written in first person – which is the first time I’ve really tried to write anything in first person. It’s hard, I tell ya.

Then tonight, I finally finished Rarity, which has been renamed to Failure. I am certainly on a roll. Yeah.

I apologize for not posting any of these. I hate to say I don’t care about my other writing, but currently, these are the ones I’m trying to publish and therefore don’t want to run the risk of them being stolen or copied.

So, I don’t know what I’m doing yet with either, if anything. I’ll see where the editing processes take me and if I like them enough to submit them. I probably will in the end, just to try and see what happens. Like my Grandmom said, there’s nothing to lose.

Stephen King’s On Writing has definitely been a source of guidance for me. For some reason, whenever I need reassurance, I read it in that book right when I need it. It’s weird, because Stephen King talks a lot about telepathy – yeah, I thought the same thing you are now – and I don’t know, it’s just either oddly coincidental or meant to be. Anyway, the first half of his book was part memoir and advising on not becoming an alcoholic or drug addict. I can attest that I am neither. But, I do agree that writers seem to be prone to these types of antics, and not because of social pressures, but rather by a means of escape.

As much as I might idolize the man, I have to disagree about what he says regarding adverbs. I like them.


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