Another Update

I’m not sure anyone really reads this. But, alas, I have updated.

I’ve added a few stories and changed some things around. I added a new page (‘Non-Fiction’) for two of my stories that I counted as shorts, but they are really not. So, I moved them to the new page. I also added a short story that I wrote in High School for a short story book I made for an English class. And, I added a funny story I wrote for Neopets, about a crazy kid named Sysill Magnat. It was fun to write at least.

I finished with my District One story, but I’m working on editing it and maybe trying to submit it this summer. I am also working on two other short stories, one of which I mentioned in my last post. Right now, it’s tentatively called Rarity and the other has no name. Both have that science-fiction sort of flare to them.

I also sort of entered this Waterstone’s contest, but I know I’ll never win. I used part of the Rarity story for it, but I’m sure it’s not as great as they are looking for. It’s something at least. If you click the link and go to the gallery and search by surname (Leno) then you shall see it.

If you just want to read it, click below

Advisor Larne turned on his heels and headed for the door. He tried to walk with his back straight and his eyes forward, but in the presence of Dr. Peters he felt diminished. Larne was a powerful man and stood proudly for the things he believed in. Only Peters could make him cringe. His thick hand touched the automated door, which opened quickly.

“I trust the council knows what the stakes are, Advisor.” Peters replied.

Larne stopped in his tracks before the open door, the cool air from the hallway making him shiver. He swallowed slowly, his throat dry. “Yes, doctor. We do.”


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